Dungeons & Dinos

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Fast-paced and easy-to-learn, go on a make-belief "adventure" as would-be "heroes" that instead, sow chaos throughout their neighbourhood in a half-collaborative and half-competitive quest to take down the "Big Bad"!

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I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.

In this co-optional game, you'll need to work together with your friends to take down all the Baddies...

...Exceeeeeept, what you truly want to do isn't help exactly, but prove to all your buddies that you're the best Hero of them all!

Party Up & Collect Trophies

Then brag about it!

You'll first want to grab your three favourite Nomnisaurs to make up your party. Each have their own unique powers and abilities, so choose carefully!

Then, because every Baddie is worth Trophies (or in other words, bragging rights), you'll want to collect as many as possible during your game.

Playing Co-Optionally

Is this how "Working Together" works?

Unfortunately, only the last hit that counts when deciding who earns the Trophy, meaning you'll need to decide just how much you want to help (or hindrance) you'll want to provide as you strategically steal kills (and maybe hoard all the loot too)!

Gallavant Endlessly!

personalizing your Dungeon

Sure, all the "Baddies" might just be either your neighbourhood critters, your friends, or your family members in costume. And yeah, maaaaybe you're the one that dressed them up...

But on the bright side, that also means that you can configure and reconfigure your Dungeon over and over!

By switching themed sets or combining expansions together, you can create an endless variety of scenarios to gallavant through!

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