Dungeons And Dinos: The Card Game

How to Play


Dungeons and Dinos is a family-friendly card game where players assemble a team of cute, would-be "adventurers" that sow chaos throughout their home in a half-collaborative and half-competitive quest to take down the "Big Bad". Dominate your friends by strategically stealing their kills and hoarding loot as the game ramps up in intensity with every room in the "dungeon" that you explore! What dangers, treasures, and exciting fun will you uncover as you menace about the house?

Dungeons and Dinos is easy-to-learn, takes 15-25 minutes to play, and will keep you, your friends, and your family laughing endlessly. Made for ages 10+ and with a lot of love and respect for D&D and the rest of the RPG genre, there's no better way to introduce everyone to the fantastic world of tabletop gaming! 

Downloads and Demos:

  • This Demo Kit is only good for 2 Players! If you want to try Dungeons and Dinos with 3 or 4 players, print this PDF twice (except page 7 and 13)! [Or well, 6 and 12 if we delete the items].
  • Certain content is only available in the full version of Dungeons and Dinos, such as the fearless Sir Stitches, the Gobwin King and his menacing minions, and more! Get your copy, today!


Like the cute Nomnisaurs you play as, let your imagination run wild as you create your very own "Dungeon"! Mix together sets of cards that each have their own baddies, loot, and a villainous boss at the end to have a never-ending amount of fun!


You start each game like you would any good adventure: by assembling a party of Heroes! Pick 3 Nomnisaurs, each with their own unique powers and abilities, to create yours! 

Which Nomnisaurs will you combine together to form your unique party?

Then, gear up and buckle in by grabbing 2 pieces of starting Loot!

Fuel up with a set of starting provisions!

The top 3 Cards in the Dungeon Deck get flipped, revealing the first series of Baddies, Traps, and Treasure that the players will need to deal with!


Discover Treats, Treasures, and Trouble as you explore through your home!

Starting with the player who last ate a snack, each player will take their Turn where each of their Heroes do one thing. Will they use one of their amazing powers (like throwing pocket sand or bonking something with a rubber mallet), consume a snack to beef up, or take a quick nap to heal? You decide!

Will Gabu throw pocket sand at the Hobgobwin or heal Meatball?

Once all the players have had their Turn, it's time for the Baddies to get their vengeance! They'll use their arsenal of nasty tricks and vile exploits to harm everyone's Nomnisaurs, all at once! 
Steel yourself as Baddies will "Play Ruff", throw acorns, and maybe even hug you into submission!
While everyone wins once the BIG BAD at the end of the Dungeon gets defeated, everyone knows whoever collects the most Trophies wins most, right? Beat up Baddies along the way (or steal the last hit from your friends) to earn them! 
Throw down and Trophy up! Win more (than your friends) by earning more points!