Meet The Noms


The adventerous one

Meatball is brave. The bravest, even. No one is braver than Meatball. They’re always charging headfirst into danger. Unless that danger is really scary. Then Meatball bangs pots and pans to make it go away. But Meatball is still brave. Sometimes they just need to build up their courage. 


The Sneaky one

Gabu stole the cookies from the cookie jar. They may not be able to see over the edge of the table, but no one seems to notice whenever Gabu is around, and that’s when things go missing. Sometimes it turns up later. But the best stuff Gabu keeps for themself. 


The Supportive One

Juicebox brings the orange slices to soccer practice. They also have a wicked sweet tooth of their own. This energetic Nom lives life in a sugar rush, and is always ready to jump in with a can of pop and a piece of candy whenever a member of the team is feeling down. 

Nom Chompsky

The (almost) Literate One

Chompksy believes in the power of magic words. Like please. And parsnip. And Pachycephalosaurus. Any word can be a magic word as long as you put the emphasis in the right place. Chompsky loves talking to other people to learn new words to try. Someday, one of them might even work. 


The "musical" one

Al always wants to be the center of attention—and usually is, thanks to their big voice and flashy style. Sure, Al might not always be on tune, but this musical maestro will always keep on singing. Just because. Even when you ask them to stop.


The one with the happy feet

On the dance floor, Dente is no wet noodle. Their feet fly in a furious fire of ferocious footsteps, as Dente stomps around to the beat of their own drum. This feisty Nomnisaur is always ready to boogie, and your best friend when you want to keep the party going.


The Prepared One

A Portabella-level Mushroom Scout, Toadstool knows the playground like the back of their stubby paw. From how best to roast a marshmallow to naming all the mushrooms they find, Toadstool is a veritable font of outdoorsy knowledge. Now if only that stopped them from eating the poisonous ones...


The Reckless One

Beefcake's endless supply of balloons and birthday hats make them the life of any party. Beefcake's blatant disregard for safety, however, has them also come with a bicycle helmet permanently attached to their head. Courtesy of a Momnisaur that loves Beefcake very, very much.

& More Cuteness Coming Soon!