Snack Attack

The Card Game

Fast-paced and easy-to-learn, steal snacks in this competitive game all about tasty treats!

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Snack to your heart's content!

In Snack Attack, you play as a cute and gluttonous Nomnisaur where you have but one goal: To eat all the tasty treats!

You'll need to steal the most snacks over 3 rounds to win the game!

Meet the Family

From the grabby paws of hungry siblings, to a mom that wants you to share, and even the dog, everyone gets involved in this all out food fight!

Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of obstacles between you and the buffet of delights you know is rightfully yours.

You'll need to use all your wit (and a bit of luck) to outsmart and out-nom all the other players!

Protect Your Snacks!

Families are messy—and no one's more messy than rex.

From adding terrible flavours like Bitter coffee beans and Sour lemons to your plate, they might even get Rex involved to make a huge mess of your plans.

You'll want to stockpile Sweet and Spicy cards to defend yourself from other players looking to sabotage around every turn!

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