New Player Guide

Our games are designed to be fun and accessible for players of all stripes.

That means we make games that anyone can learn to play in a matter of minutes, while still delivering fast and compelling gameplay that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Whether you’re looking for something for family game night or hosting a few friends, our games are perfect for anyone who wants to spend more time playing and less time reading the rules!

Snack Attack

How to Play

Snack Attack is our easiest game and has been designed for younger audiences. Despite that, there is a deceptive amount of strategy that will have even the most experienced players planning out their plays so they can outwit their friends!

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Dungeons & Dinos

How to Play

Dungeons & Dinos ramps up the challenge by taking you and your friends on a make-belief adventure to defeat the "Big Bad".

Unfortunately, you're not the best at working together—nor do you necessarily want to—as this co-optional adventure has you helping one another as much as it has you kill-stealing from one another!

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EMBERWIND is designed with an awareness of the high learning curve for newer players looking to dip their toes into tabletop RPGs.

EMBERWIND only takes minutes to learn, while still offering the beloved creative and crunchy experience of a good adventure game.

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