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Q: Can Rex be played on unprotected, claimed dishes?

A: No. Rex can only be played on unclaimed dishes. When he is played, all the cards on that dish, including Rex, are added back into the draw deck. 

Q: Can you play Sweet or Spicy Flavors on your deck without it already having a Sour or Bitter flavor?

A: Yes, if it is your turn and you have a claimed dish, you may play a Sweet or Spicy card from your hand to protect that dish from Bitter or Sour flavors. 



Q: How does the ability "Windmill" work?!

A: When you choose to have Meatball use Windmill, you deal 2 Ouchies to 1 Baddie of your choice, and then 1 Ouchie to another Baddie of your choice. You must choose two different Baddies. If there is only 1 Baddie that you can target with Windmill, you only do 2 Ouchies to that Baddie. 

Q: Does the item "Mom's Purse" count as a power?

A: No. "Mom's Purse" does not count as a power. Use of the item would not be effected by cards that limit powers, such as the "Locked Door."

Q: What happens if there is no more loot in loot deck?

A: If there is no more Loot in the Loot Deck, you simply do not get anymore Loot. If you find yourself in a situation where everyone gets to draw from the Loot Deck but there are fewer cards than players, Loot is first come first serve. You'll have to either agree amongst yourself who gets to draw, or quickly snatch the treasure up for yourself. 

Q: Do my Noms have to act each turn?

A: Yes, as long as your Noms are capable of taking an action they must act each turn. No Stalling!

Q: Why is there a Mimic in my Loot Deck? The Mimic says it's a Baddie, is this a misprint or mistake?

A: Nope! Mimics are special Baddies that pretend to be Loot. If you draw a Mimic from the Loot Deck it immediately enters play as a Baddie. 

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