The Role-Playing Game

EMBERWIND is our award-winning love-letter to the tabletop gaming community.

With it, we’ve crafted some of the most epic and impossible fantasy settings we could dream up.

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Whether you’re new to RPGs, or have been playing since the first D&D box, we've got you.

EMBERWIND is a new breed of tabletop role-playing game designed to create dynamic stories and whole-party adventures for any player.

It was created with a deep respect for traditional TTRPGs, but also an awareness of the high learning curve for newer players.

Through the use of our RISE Engine, EMBERWIND takes only minutes to learn, while still offering the beloved creative and crunchy experience of a good adventure game for veterans, and all with or without a game master.

The RISE Engine

Take Unparalleled ownership of your characters and campaign.

The RISE Engine is a setting-independent system that focuses on agile gameplay, peerless character flexibility, and player agency.

RISE is a modular ruleset, allowing almost any part of the system to be used independently or seamlessly integrated together—all to create a perfect system for you.

From beginners to veterans, the RISE Engine is for everyone. We’re confident that there’s a version of our game that’s right for you.

Community First

It’s your story now, and we can’t wait to see where you take it.

We're committed to putting our players first and want to make sure gaming is accessible to all audiences. To cultivate that kind of relationship with our fans, we provide our community with the tools, guidelines, and development modules so that you can create your own content, settings, and campaigns.

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