Fun for Everyone

Nomnivore Games (NOM) is an award-winning indie game studio from Ontario, Canada, that focuses on accessibility.

All of our games are designed to be family-friendly, neurodivergent-friendly, and good for players of all interests and experience levels.

We firmly believe that anyone and everyone deserves a seat around our gaming table.

Always Innovating

To advance the industry while respecting the long and storied history of tabletop gaming, our approach toward game design fuses together top-shelf writing, artwork, and a wide variety of other specialties—like statistics, psychotherapy, theatre, and more—to deliver lots of laughs and fun for everyone.

We challenge tropes and raise the level of discourse in game design.

Getting Things Right

We know that from time to time, we’re going to fall short of the mark we set for ourselves–and short of the expectations the tabletop community has for us.

(We can’t have ambitious successes without running the risk of ambitious failures!)

That's why we’re asking in advance for your patience when we get it wrong, and for your help having productive conversations about how to get it right. We're committed to taking the time to learn from each game we release and from the community that gathers around our gaming table.

Help Us Make Things Better.

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Our Mission

Back in 2019, we released our very first game, EMBERWIND. It was and continues to be our love letter to TTRPGs, and with it, we’ve crafted some of the most epic and impossible fantasy settings we could dream up.

Now, we've developed a second line of tabletop games that prioritise fun, accessible experiences for younger members of the family to be introduced the rich, wide, and imaginative world of gaming.

So grab a seat, much on some snacks, and join us and our cute Nomnisaurs as we continue to make the world an even more fun place to be!