Over the years, we’ve won several awards during our quest to introduce everyone to the rich, wide, and imaginative world of tabletop gaming. Here's a showcase of some of our favorites.

PAX Together

Bringing Everyone Together.

PAX Together is a program which celebrates diversity, underrepresented groups and stigmatized topics, both at PAX and in the gaming community at-large.

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Ohayocon Indie Game Showcase

Celebrating Indie Games.

Ohayocon’s Indie Gaming Showcase has featured independently-created tabletop and digital games from developers across the Midwest and beyond.

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TMG Best Indie Tabletop Game

Respecting the History of Gaming.

TooManyGames is the longest running video and board game convention in Pennsylvania.

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And Many, Many More...

We've selected these awards from our trophy case to share, as they resonate with our core philosophies and passions about representation, accessibility, and creativity the most.

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