End User License Agreement (EULA)

The End User License Agreement (“EULA” for short) explains what you can do with our products. We want you to get the most out of them while we keep developing great new stuff for you to play!

If you buy, download, or use our products, you’re agreeing to follow these rules. Breaking them may lead to us revoking access to material on our website and working with our lawyers if we really need to (which is our last resort for major infringements).

Luckily, the EULA is pretty simple. The gist is this: you can’t distribute our products without getting permission first. This means that you shouldn’t give out copies of our products, try to make money off them, or let anyone have unreasonable access to them. If you want to check if something is okay, just ask us.

And there’s a lot of stuff you can do with our products without needing permission! If you own a copy of one of our games, you can play it (obviously!) and share our game material with up to five people at a session so they can play too. (Just keep in mind that you’re responsible for how they distribute or use your copy of the material.)

You can also create homebrew games and stories based on our products. (We think that’s awesome!) These are called “derivative works,” and you’re even allowed to distribute them as long as you make less than $1,000 a year and agree that Nomnivore Games can also distribute, display, and perform them too. If you do end up making more than $1,000 a year, send us a message and we’ll come up with a new agreement.

There are a few things you’re not allowed to do with derivative works. Most importantly, you can’t redistribute any materials created by Nomnivore Games or use our trademarked content unless we give you explicit written permission. You also can’t create things that infringe someone else’s rights or are just plain illegal. Lastly, you need to let people know that by using your product, they are also agreeing to our EULA.

The big takeaway here is that we want you to have the freedom to create amazing things. If you make a cool homebrew, you own it. You’re just giving us permission to use it, too. For example, we might use a piece of your creation in an ad for one of our products.

If you’re confused about anything, get in touch. You can also read through our full EULA here.

From all of at Nomnivore Games (both human and nomnisaur) we hope you have fun with our games and they take you on amazing adventures!