At Nomnivore Games Inc., we want to break the mould of traditional tabletop gaming. Based in Ontario, Canada, our studio features an international team of all-star enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, including theatre, film, comics, therapy, and statistics–that allows us to approach game design from a fresh perspective that respects the rich history of the genre. We want to push the industry forward with games and services that make tabletop gaming more fun, engaging, and welcoming to players and developers alike.

More importantly, we want to empower players to create memorable game worlds and experiences for themselves.

With EMBERWIND, we’ve crafted some of the most epic and impossible fantasy settings we could dream up, but that’s barely scratching the surface of what we can achieve as a community, or what we can do with the RISE engine powering the game. As we turn our game over to you, we will continue to provide support and tools that will allow collaboration and creativity to flourish! Our focus is not only developing our own games but transforming the way people think about the tabletop community as a whole. We prioritize community support because you should be able to find the group–and the game–that works for you.